Sexy, Romantic, Exotic and Fun, Beasewick Candle Company is your place for romance. Our intoxicating selection of fragrances are perfect for those hot intimate moments. With soft touches of Citrus, Sweet Musk, Leather and Spice, combined with warm hints of Patchouli, Balsam, Sandlewood and Vanillas, our collection will surely heat things up. Whether you are seeking those sweet passionate kisses or just misbehavin, you are sure to find the euphoric experience you desire. Beasewick's Passions... light the fire in your romance.

Passions Fragrances (PDF)



Like lying on the beach with sand between your toes or the feeling after a therapeutic massage, Beasewick's Resort & Spa collection was designed to take you there. Made with light fragrances like fresh Cucumber, Sweet Bamboo, Citrus and soft Floral's in combination with hints of fresh Lime, Grapefruit, Ginger & Kiwi, these hand selected fragrances will leave you feeling fresh and clean. When you can't get away to the Hawaiian Islands you can always visit Beasewick Candle.

Resort & Spa Fragrances (PDF)

100% All Natural Soy Wax

The doctor is in at the Beasewick Candle Company. No matter what the symptom, our collection carries right prescription for you. Energizing, Relaxing and all Natural, our complex blends of Sage, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Lavenders mixed with base notes of Rosemary, Fruit, Citrus and Floral's are the perfect way to wipe away the blues. Whether you're looking to sooth away those sore muscles or relieve your mind of stresses of life, Beasewick's Aromatherapy has the cure you need.

Aromatherapy Fragrances (PDF)


From the rain forests of Brazil, to the crisp pine laden mountains of Colorado, the Beasewick Candle Company has hand selected some of the most exotic and woodsy fragrances that are sure to take you away. Our collection of Sandalwoods and aromatic musk's combined with subtle hints of Pine, Cedar, Wild Berries, Patchouli, and Sweet Grasses, make our candles truly remarkable. Whether you are looking for that tranquil stroll thru the woods or a campfire under the stars, Beasewick's Great Outdoors is the perfect way to travel.

Great Outdoors Fragrances (PDF)



Handcrafted In The USA​

A Candle for anyone... thats where Beasewick comes in. Our Candle Classics collection is as good as Mom's Homemade Apple Pie. We have selected some of the finest well known fragrances that everyone loves. Fresh scents of Baked Bread, Apples, Spices, and Sweets combined with hints of Vanilla, Citrus and Berries makes these selections delectable and fragrant. Straight from the oven to our containers, Beasewick has the classics covered.

Candle Classics Fragrances (PDF)

At Beasewick Candle, we embrace the holiday spirit. Imagine yourself sitting next to a fireplace, listening to the crackling of aromatic firewood, sipping hot cocoa on a cold winter's day; while admiring the beauty of a decorated, freshly cut Christmas tree. Building a snowman with your kids, or decorating a freshly-baked gingerbread house. These are just some of the things that make the holidays so very special. Our Christmas & Holiday fragrances help to create aromatic memories that last. 

 Holiday Fragrances (PDF)